Monday, 04 August 2008

Day shoes

Of course, all readers of Elle Deco know that 20C design legend Lucienne Day was a pioneer in the use of abstract designs in textiles, but I just found out (about two years after the fact) about her collaboration with Converse that resulted in a range of limited edition shoes from her classic prints.

Trio (1954)

Calyx (1951)

Larch (1961)

Magnetic (1961)
Me, I'd like them in a pair of high-tops, just so that I could see more of those amazing designs at the end of my shapely pins, but perhaps I shouldn't be so fussy, and should just cough up between $25 - $60 for a pair off eBay.
Check out other designs by Lucienne Day, reissued by the Centre for Advanced Textiles.
(via Jesse, via True-up)

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