Thursday, 25 October 2007


Look carefully at these photos, because when you go to see Épat, a new exhibition by Willem Boshoff, opening at Michael Stevenson Contemporary tonight (where and when here), you won't be able to see them very well.
D - Daedalean

That's because the works are part of Boshoff's Blind Alphabet. Started in 1991, this epic work is a series of sculptures making up a dictionary of words relating to form and structure. Each sculpture is in a closed mesh box and the word's definition is written in Braille on the lid. Only blind people are allowed to open the boxes, handle the sculptures and read the text.

D - Dauciform

A, B and C of the alphabet were completed in 1994, and this exhibition will show 30 new sculptures - 15 each for the letters D and E, amongst other work.

D - Dacryoid

See you there.

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