Thursday, 01 November 2007

Sticky plates

Although I’ve not been a great fan of the wall decal craze, I reckon this idea could convince me.

Despite appearances to the contrary, these are not china plates hung on the wall, they’re stickers, designed by the clever Swedish design duo Anna-Ella Ahnlund and Åsa-Karin Karlén.

If you like this, go and check out other work by Ahnlund-Karlen here. (via Decor8).


fine little day said...

Pretty smart idea.

Dee de Ganay said...

Where can I find these Wall Decoration Sticker Plates in the USA?

Elle Deco Admin said...

Hi Dee

At the Ahnlund Karlen website they state that these wall decals are available only in Sweden and in Japan (Retailed by DesignTorget and Galerie doux dimanche, Tokyo
), but I suppose you might try contacting the designers through their website at

Best wishes,