Friday, 14 March 2008

Joburg Art Fair

Last night, the world's first contemporary African art fair opened its doors at the Sandton Convention Centre. The Joburg Art Fair has 22 major galleries selling work in a traditional art fair set-up, covering 5000 square meters. And apart from gallery sales, a curated show by Simon Njami shows off a broader representation of African contemporary artists.

The fair runs from 13 - 16 March, and despite the entrance fee, Joburgers should really do their best to take this opportunity to see what's happening on the contemporary South African art scene.

I've been having a great time going through an image search, to find artists' work to share with blog readers. These are just a few of the works on show, but there are hundreds more, and well worth a visit:

Julia Rosa Clark - Bring it on (get nasty remix)

Kevin Brand - Church

Bronwyn Vaughn-Evans - Home is where the Heart is (Vaughn)

Sandile Zulu - Galaxy 4

Peter Eastman - Small Black Portrait #3

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Bronwyn said...

Oh no - I heard this being advertised and I so wanted to go, and then I completely forgot about it!