Monday, 31 March 2008

Time out

Also spotted in Chris Tate's house (see below) was this Karlsson Mixed Numbers Wall clock.

It's available in red, black and silver too. And if you have some time on your hands, take a minute to check out all the other great Karlsson clocks right here.

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cally said...

Ooh Heather, I had missed your connection with Elle Deco and knew nothing of this gorgeous site till today. What a timely find. After nearly 20 years I have finally had to cancel my UK Elle Decoration subscription because it's so corporate these days. Even if I could get past the enormous increase of ad pages I just couldn't bear the constant darkness that seemed to be pervading, and the permanent hotel chic look that was becoming a permanent fixture.

At last, this blog can once again restore the Elle Deco I loved, the one with lots of variety, beauty and not aimed purely at people living in London. What joy. Seriously, I'm giggly with happiness to have found it and am loving all the posts here. If this is the stuff that didn't make it in to the mag then the mag itself must loojk amazing!

Thanks so much for leading me here from your own gorgeous blog.