Tuesday, 01 April 2008

Issue 54 - National Geographic

Neil Stemmet of Koncept Design and Architecture has built himself an extraordinary beachside home at De Kelders on the Cape south coast. Mark Williams' pics on pages 94 -103 are already quite dizzying, but if you're ready for more, dive right in...

The interior is filled with a lifetime of collections, and also amazing textured surfaces, like the feature wall made of sections of branches.

Striking blocks of colour are a feature of the house. Just look at those amazing kitchen blue tiles and the deep red curtain and sofa in the living room.

My favourite colour statement is those blocks of well-thumbed National Geographic magazines on Neil's curiosity-filled shelves.

Outside, the house has been carefully designed to work with the natural environment, with a low-maintenance indigenous garden, and smart use of recycled and re-used materials wherever possible.

Along the sea-facing side of the house, a canal runs the length, cooling the house and bouncing reflections onto the interior walls.

The good news is theres still more to come from the marvellously Issue 54 before the week is up, so check in again soon.
PS: Neil also has a beautiful apartment right in the centre of Cape Town. Check it out here.


annie said...

i must have a branch wall like that in my house!//

Anonymous said...

what an inspiring organic house

we in the city should look more towards the country for inspiration

earth needs more house like this

thank you elle deco for finding this amazing space

Anonymous said...

elle congratulations with your best issue yet - what a cover and what a selection of houses

this one is my favorite

red and white color, fresh . unique, inspiring, and that curation cupboard - wow such a clever idea

Anonymous said...


we want more houses like this - what a house i am totally in love - i have to see this space

Anonymous said...

a designer that truly offer fresh cutting edge ideas ! well done deco

Anonymous said...

south african design is coming of age

Anonymous said...

check the wood cuts wall to become the hottest trend

Anonymous said...

red curtains - velvet ? at a beach house - radical, but is a beach house still a beach house and a city house a city house, or is a living house a house where ever you live - therefore without boxed rules

Anonymous said...

love the pool and butterfly chairs with the inflatable tubes on the water - such a great setting of natural curiosity and non design designed