Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Pixel sofa

Designer Cristian Zuzunaga has used the concept of very lo-res colour pixels for his beautiful colour blocks fabric design.

The fabric is being produced by Danish textiles manufacturer Kvadrat (who work with an extraordinary range of design luminaries), and has been used to brilliant effect on this 2.5m Pixel Sofa by Moroso.

Now, the question is: Once you have this sofa in your living room, how on earth do you choose a wall colour to match?

(Via Alan, via hrrrthrrr)


Anonymous said...

I actually really love that sofa! And I think a nice warm grey - matching the grey in the left cushion under the blue would look great as a wall colour, but then again wouldn't any colour do..

Anonymous said...

Could someone tell me how i could buy this sofa and how much it costs? I've been surfing the web for an hour.

Elle Deco SA said...

Hi Anon
I'd suggest you get in touch with Moroso and find a stockist nearest to you. Try this link to find a stockist

or follow this link to send them an enquiry:

Good luck, and happy shopping!