Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Belinda Ormond

Cape Town ceramist, Belinda Ormond, has been doing something interesting with throwaway objects like plastic milk cartons. These look familiar, don't they? But pick them up, and you'll see they're made of clay, not plastic.

She's also made a great series from PET coke bottles.
This collection, when gathered together, reads "A house without love is not a home"

Belinda doesn't have any work on the web, but she can be contacted through Ceramics Southern Africa.


HB said...

Her work is great and she gives classes!

Ashley L. said...

there is something very appealing about white bottles. my new obsession just so happens to be milk bottles. check my blog soon for a post dedicated to this new obsession! thank you for sharing your lovely source! :)

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

I felt in love with white milk bottles long time ago. My brother gave me a bottle when I was living home for university. I still use it today from time to time.

The bottles made by Belinda are delightful.