Thursday, 12 June 2008

Sex and the City and the Curtains

I haven't seen the Sex and the City movie yet, but thanks to a hot tip on the Marimekko blog, I've been tipped off on one of the key details! Well, it's key for Marimekko fans, perhaps.

Here it is - so keep your eyes peeled:
When Carrie moves back into her apartment, she has redecorated it, and there are new black and white curtains in Marimekko's lovely Aarre design.

So there you go, fabric geeks. I'd love to hear from any of you who managed to spot this yourself!


zee said...

I haven't seen the movie yet either, but I'll definitely be looking out for those curtains now. I love that fabric. Carrie's apartment curtains on the TV show are made from another Marimekko fabric, so that continuity pleases me!

indigo16 said...

Everyone talks about the clothes, but I always loved the way Carrie's appartment was decorated. This fabric is wonderful, well spotted.

patrick said...

Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing force... people either hate the movie or love it; so far it seems like the "lovers" outnumber the "haters"

Jeanine Hays said...

First of all - go and see the movie!!! I LOVED it. Second, I am so sad I didn't notice this. I am waiting for some pics of Carrie's apartment to come out so that I can see all of the new elements. It was just beautiful.

Joseph Rudi Pielichaty said...

I might just have to see it AGAIN now just to see the curtains. This is certainly bad for my bank balance but not for my need for a NYC fix.

Theres also the most beautiful graphic print in her apartment by Paul Smith, featured just next to her front door. I noticed the trademark coloured stripes adorned on its border first and just fell in love instantly.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! I was wondering where the curtains were from! Ofcourse they're from Marimekko.. duh! why didnt I think of that!?

FYI to see pictures of her apartment check out they had two posts about it back when the movie came out. Do a search on the site for it and you'll find it!