Friday, 12 September 2008

Hang it!

Down here at the end of Africa, it looks like Winter's starting to beat a retreat. At last we can think about hanging up our coats, so I've put together a collection of nifty coathangers:

These hangers, designed by Jaehyung Hong, were inspired by ordinary paper clips. So clever! And anyone with a little Barbie wardrobe can make their own mini versions. (via Wren)

The wonderfully graphic Coat hanger Coat rack by Tokyo-based designer Takashi Sato sees the hangers becoming the hooks to hang more hangers on! (via Dezeen)

Lincoln Kayiwa's Dino coat rack would be perfect for the coat and hat booth of a natural history museum, as it looks like a dinosaur rib cage! (via Design*Sponge)

And remember in yesterday's post I said we'd hear more about Ryan Frank? Well here he is again with his Zilka coathanger, made from recycled and pressed newspapers.


Freshly Found said...

I just love 'ordinary' things getting the limelight. I love ryan Frank's coathanger and the version where the hanger becomes the hook too!


Finally somebody is reinveinting something as coomon as a hanger.

We need better design products for the things we use everyday