Thursday, 04 September 2008

Placemats with a Twist

These placemats from Modern Twist are perfect for style-conscious parents who're understandably keen to stem the tide of the Barbie and Spiderman school of decoration at the threshold of the kids' rooms.

The easy to clean food-safe silicone mats are screenprinted with really cute designs (some by the marvellous Matte Stephens).

But these aren't just for the kids. There are lots of other designs in a restrained style, like this Pebbles design. See more at Modern Twist.

via Babygadget


Adele said...

The first two pics (are they owls?) remind me of your designs!

lulu said...

I bought two of them in Virtu, Chicago. Great!! very beautiful and esasy to clean!

matte stephens said...

It was so much fun working with modern twist!

matte stephens said...

Hi Adele,
One is an owl and its baby in a nest and the other is the Giant Suburban bear monster. Heather's work is great! Im flattered!

Heather Moore said...

Thrilled to have you here, Matte. Thanks so much for telling us more about your pics. And yay, it's a total mutual admiration society!