Monday, 20 October 2008

WeMade it right

I'm so impressed with both the products and the concept behind WeMade. This design outfit was started by two Dutch designers who work with crafters in Java to develop beautiful, stylish fashion and home accessories that fit with Western shoppers' tastes while still communicating the flavour and feel of Indonesia.

These Bambuster Vases of pressed bamboo have gorgeous colourful belts made with a traditional Indonesian style of crochet.

These pressed bamboo boards have traditional Indonesian patterns cut out by hand, while the holes punched in the hammered copper Listrik Lamp (below) cast beautiful shadows when lit.

Read more about the things designed and sold by WeMade right here.

Via The Style Files

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Freshly Found said...

Enjoyed this link! An inspiring story! Reminds me of the LOSA [London South Africa] Project. I wonder what happened to that?