Monday, 24 November 2008

Air Lines poster

When I consider graphic design and aviation, all I can think of is diagrams showing how to put on your life jacket, but artist Mario Freese has come up with something that's a lot more interesting, and delicately beautiful too.

His work, Air Lines, tracks the paths of scheduled airline routes on a finely detailed A0 wall poster, available on both black and white backgrounds.

The flight paths he's traced include the big transatlantic flights as well as local Cessna routes, and the web created is quite extraordinarily complex.

Contemplating all this incessant criss-crossing of the globe makes me appreciate those diagrams showing me how my life jacket will help me survive a plane crash a whole lot more!

Visit Mario Freese's Air Lines website for more information and for the opportunity to purchase your own.


Nikki said...

Imagine if he had added a note about how much all of these flights add -say on a daily basis- to environmental damage! That would have been interesting and scary!

Freshly Found said...

What a lovely subject! Interesting to see which of the lines I have travelled.