Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Bed head

It's the holidays, and time to relax! Our design assistant at the ELLE DECORATION offices, Amy Reid, must have been planning how to spend her time off when she put together this post all about... beds!

Looking to burst the four-poster paradigm and leave sleigh beds in the snow? Well, finding an attractive variation on the traditional rectangle is not that simple, but rest easy knowing that I've hunted down a few viable alternatives. With a focus on nature and, of course, relaxation, dreams in these beds are bound to be sweet.

Waking up after a night in this womb-like bed from LOMME could well feel like a re-birth. LOMME stands forLight Over Matter Mind Evolution, and incorporates light, sound and massage therapies in its designs.

This romantic “nest” by Shawn Lovell invites the outside realm into your bedroom, creating a magical suspension of disbelief.

Cross a hammock with a Sealy Posturpedic, and what do you get? It's the Gazebo Floating Bed by John Huff, that’s what! I wonder if it comes complete with a gorgeous view?

Daybeds urge afternoon slumbers and lazy, dozy siestas. The Salome Daybed is one of many organic options available from the Lifeshop Collection.

Imagine a rocking chair that you would allow you to nod off comfortably. Get your own Private Cloud, and you'll be sleeping on Cloud Nine for sure!

Happy siesta, everyone!

(posted by Amy Reid)


Jazmin said...

I love all these modern and funky furniture designs,,,does anyone know or can recommend where i can get any solid oak dining and bedroom furniture from?


Shoebox Homes said...

Fantastic beds! Our company, Shoebox Homes, produces an equally unique bed - The Nested Bunk Bed. It is 5-beds in one and magically folds away in the day to save space. Perfect for holiday homes, spare bedrooms, childrens homes, and backpackers.

It's a South African design from Capetonian Tsai Design Studio. Click on one of the links to see images.

Elle Decoration said...

Thanks for the comments.

Jazmin, I'm not sure where you come from, but any recommendations we make will be South African based, so do let us know.

Shoebox Homes, you'll be pleased to know that we've posted about the Nested Bunk Bed, and you can see our article by following this link: http://elledeco.blogspot.com/2008/05/matryoshka-beds.html .

Fyndes said...

Fute, a Canadian group of designers, have the wonderful cocoon-like Iraya Daybed.