Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Report from NYC: Comfort from the cold

Baby it's cold outside up here in the northern hemisphere! To warm up our nests, I've assembled a few winter-themed things for you today.

Alyssa Ettinger's beautifully tactile Knitwear Bowls duplicate the texture of a handknit sweater on their unglazed surfaces.

This Brooklyn-based ceramicist sells her designs on her Etsy shop and at Cog and Pearl in Park Slope.

Add a fjordic flavour to your winter pad with these Nordic knit cushions from Urban Outfitters. They're stylish and cuddle-worthy, with understated contrast patterns at the back.

And what would a winter wonderland (even an indoor one) be without a pair of frolicking deers?

These sculpted wooden animals are part of a range made of pear, walnut, beech and other European woods made as kids' toys and sold at Brooklyn-based online shop Romp. Unpainted and finished with beeswax, their unadorned shapes show off the woodgrain beautifully.

This family of blank Russian nesting dolls , also from Romp, leaves much to the imagination. You can decorate them yourself - or leave them as they are, a group of strangely abstract forms.

And finally, you can hold a little sunshine in your hands all winter long, with this ingenious Sun Jar from Urban Outfitters.
The Sun Jar quite literally captures sunlight, giving off a gentle indoor glow. A traditional glass mason jar is fitted with an energy-efficient LED lamp, which charges in direct sunlight.

Stay warm, wherever you are!


Freshly Found said...

I love the gentle neutral colours in this post. Those blank Russian dolls are the best. Maybe I should sand my 'starting to flake' set of dolls down!?

porter hovey said...

Oh! Just love those wooden reindeers . . . classic, simple, totally beautiful!