Friday, 02 January 2009

Chiquita Chandelier

I thought it'd be fun to start off a brand new year with this marvellously loopy Chiquita Chandelier by Dutch designer/applied artist, Anneke Jakobs.

So, if you've still got a bit of holiday left, and a penchant for a banana or two, why not follow these instructions, and make your very own banana box chandelier?

Via So Sylvie


Sylvie said...

Wow! Does someone from Elle Decoration SA actually read my blog?!

Please stick with me. I promise to share more design related posts. In the next week or so I will have completed an interior design job in San Francisco and I will be posting photos of it on my blog.

Cheers to you all in South Africa!
xo Sylvie

Dee Beale said...

Hee Hee Hee, love this!

Alisha said...

What a creativity... I just love this kind of handmade stuff for home decor!!