Friday, 23 January 2009

Issue 59 - Africa Remixed

The Singita Pamushana Lodge in southeast Zimbabwe, has just had a revamp by Cecile and Boyd's, taking inspiration from wonderfully vibrant regional Shangaan colours, patterns and forms.

Production: Tracy Lynch
Photographs: Mark Williams


tavelhus said...

Lovely pattern! Very inspiering!

Anairam said...

I loved this issue (already through it, I am sorry to say ...). I also liked the post about the White House and redecoration. I'm thinking that local interior decorators should be getting their portfolios ready - should our next president possibly be charged and possibly be found guilty, would that mean that Tuynhuis will be swapped for Pollsmoor as presidential residence? Lots of redecorating challenge (and potential) there, I would say!

Beautiful Living said...

It looks really stunning! Love the color palette. Is Elle SA available to Norway?

Designers' Brew said...

beautiful colors and patterns.