Friday, 16 January 2009

Love your office

The idea of a company specialising in office furniture could elicit groans of an apprehension of dullness, but Bulo puts a post-Memphis pop into their desks, tables and office chairs for the ‘AND/AND’ generation, so bravo for Bulo!

It’s wonderful to see their collaboration with art photographer Fien Muller to create these arresting still-life images of their new collections:

The Kei collection

The Mtoo collection

Bulo is smart to highlight the emotional component involved in work, as well as the need for functionality and ergonomics - and so they want their pieces to stimulate and encourage creativity.

Take a look at the rest of the collection, and let us know if, as Bulo intends, they make you love your office?

All images by Fien Muller


dan said...

I really like the designs.
The minimalist feel and yet functional.

Cookie said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry without all the colored balls that looks pretty boring and souless.

L18WTS said...

Bulo create a lifestyle in the office environment with their products!