Tuesday, 17 February 2009

IKEA PS collection

I've been known to bang on a bit about wishing we had IKEA here in South Africa, and I think these pieces from the PS Collection illustrate exactly why I feel we are so awfully deprived:

The wonderfully wonky PS Svarva lamp is designed by Swedish wunderkids Front - a delightful bit of craziness.
Swedish speakers, I'd be most grateful if you could fill us in on what the IKEA PS Sprakka is for? I think it's a spice grinder. Whatever its practical purpose, it would make a wonderful sculptural piece.
And my favourite, the nifty little PS Karjohan sidetable . It's so darn cute, I'd be tempted to paste eyes on it and take it for a trot in the park.

Oh, and South African readers, you may feel a little better knowing that we're not the only ones without access to these amazing pieces - the PS Collection is only available in Sweden (for a while, anyway)!


Tusset said...

You are perfectly right about the "Sprakka", it's a spice grinder.

viksi said...

I'm reading here about the new PS pieces (while living in Europe...)
Thanks : ) I'll have one of these white lamps - beautiful
PS is available in all countries, only the range is different (size matters : )