Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Tea with Frauke

Today I wanted to post a few of my favourite items based around cosy teatime.

Why not pour a lovely cup of tea from Wieki Somers' thinly cast bone china "High-Tea" teapot...

...into one of Maxim Velčovský's Cola Cups for Qubus, made from a cast of a coke bottle (you choose, Delft or bling?).

Have a slice of cake off a china plate by Timorous Beasties ...

... while sitting on Eelko Moorer's irresistible bear rug.

Or just use Maxim Velčovský's "Legendary Pink Dots" teaset all in one.
PS: Maxim Velčovský will be speaking at this year's Design Indaba at the end of Feb. Read more about him here, and his role at the conference here.


Freshly Found said...

Thanks Frauke. I've enjoyed your selection. But I must say I think I would completely lose my taste for tea with Wieki's tea pot!
The bear rug would be very happy in my house!

Lynne said...

what fun!