Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Issue 57: Life Lines

Anyone who appreciates things that are worn, layered, and textured with history will love the home of artist Sue Pam-Grant on pages 94 - 101 of our Spring Zing issue.

Sue Pam-Grant is an inter-disciplinary artist, working in the theatre as well as in the visual arts, and her latest theatre project, Coupé , is currently showing at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg.

The artworks Sue makes are largely mixed-media assemblages, made in her garden studio space, which she describes as 'a womb, a suspended space that inspires as the light moves through it from dawn to dusk.

The proximity of her studio to her home means that work and living spaces tend to weave together in the "life lines" that entitle this article about her beautiful home.

See Sue Pam-Grant's work on show at Gallery MOMO, and look out for her interdisciplinary collaboration coming up at the Dance Factory at the end of October.

Production: Kersin Eser
Photographs: Elsa Young

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