Monday, 09 February 2009


At the end of last year, Japanese fashion label minä perhonen had an exhibition exploring the forms and uses of ribbons. For the show, architect Ryuji Nakamura put together this ribbon installation, called Catenarhythm, using ribbons designed by minä perhonen.

You can see a vimeo of the installation here, and see more pics here. Read more about Ryuji Nakamura at the website.

via Ah-yi


Jen said...

The installations are beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. This was also my introduction to the Mina Perhonen label. I wonder if they're available online or in the US?

Kevin said...

This is absolutely great. Art is always a source of inspiration when it comes to inspire our daily life. This kind of ribbon-structured installation can beautify a large ceiling. Those ceilings that are always forgotten by most interior designers. Maybe because we never really spent time thinking of it.